Top 10 benefits of yoga

Yoga helps you in all-around fitness. Yoga benefits in weight loss. Yoga is one of the best solutions for stress relief. Yoga helps for inner peace. Yoga Improves Immunity. Practice of Yoga Offers Greater Awareness. Yoga improves relationships. Yoga Increases Energy. Yoga Gives you Better Flexibility and Posture. Yoga helps in improving intuition.

Diet Plan for Indian Pregnant lady

A healthy, well- balanced diet in pregnancy is essential for the well- being of the mama – to- be and her baby. This is because whatever the womanish consumes during pregnancy is the main source of nutrition for the baby. A mama – to- be’s diet should contain a variety of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins to give the important nutrients and food a baby requires for growth and development. When it comes to eating healthy in pregnancy, deciding which foods are the most beneficial for you and your baby’s health can be challenging. Wondering, what […]

How To Your Heart Healthy

When you watch for your heart, your entire body benefits. When your heart is healthy, all aspects of your physical health will be too. A healthy heart means a better quality of life and allows us to serve at our best. Then are five effective ways to enhance and maintain heart health1. Eat the right thingsConsuming the vitamins and minerals your heart needs provides the foundation for a healthy heart. Foods that support heart health by reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation include Oats and barleyAdipose fishDark leafy floraNuts and seedsBeetsAvocadosOlive oilLegumesLow- fat dairySodium is a silent but dangerous component in most reused foods — the average American gets about 80 of their daily salt input from these alone. By limiting the amount of reused foods you consume, you may be able to exclude excess sodium from your diet. Looking for an alternative to salt to flavor your foods? Try adding a bit lemon, ginger, or different herbs. This adds flavor without the negative effects of sodium.   2 […]