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We have gathered some of the most common questions from patients and answered them here. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact us through our Contact us page and we would be happy to assist.

The admission procedure is very brief and completely “hassle-free”. The advice for admission from any doctor is not mandatory. However, if there is any such advice, the patient’s family or relatives should carry the same at the time of admission. All patients are admitted through the “Emergency” department after an initial examination by our Emergency Medical Officer. The patient’s relative/escort then fills up the ‘Consent Form’ for admission, while the patient is administered necessary medical treatment.

The mode of payment is by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Cards (Visa or Master Cards), Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Unified Payment Interface (UPI) method.

Yes, we do have the facility of Cashless Treatment Benefit which is subject to the concerned TPA’s Letter of Approval issued to Anuyog Hospital.

Yes, the hospital has 24 x 7 x 365 days ‘Emergency Care.’

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Yes, we encourage family and friends to visit during the rehabilitation process. Your therapist will advise when your family can attend therapy sessions, as it can be distracting during treatment time. Remember that rehabilitation can be exhausting and rest is of paramount importance: it’s important to strictly adhere to the rules regarding visiting hours and the number of visitors.

Most rehabilitation patients require an adapted diet – at least initially. Please discuss with the dietitian before bringing in any additional food, and make the doctor, dietitian, nursing staff and ward hostess aware if you have additional specific medical or non-medical needs.

Although we do our utmost to ensure the safety of your personal possessions, valuables, money and cell phones, these items are kept on our premises completely at your own risk. We can not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal property. Please enquire with the nursing unit manager regarding the safe lock-up of any valuables.