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The AnuyogHospital Mandsaur,mp was established in 2021 to provide affordable medical care in a patient friendly atmosphere and in a spirit of compassion previously beyond the reach of the common man. We also ensures that we provide healthcare services that are accessible, responsive and appropriate for the diverse communities we serve and that we treat patients and visitors by our set of core principles including dignity, respect, fairness and equality. Since opening its doors in 2021, Anuyog Hospital,.provides dedicated patient care and endeavours to improve its services on a constant, ongoing basis.

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Medical professionals include doctors, nurses, and trained caregivers.

Emergency Care

Our team of medical practitioners manage our continuous emergency services.

Exploring innovative and smart ways of reducing costs, without compromising on quality

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To provide Hope, Care and Cure. To hand over compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective healthcare to one & all.


To improve everyone’s comfort and well-being by providing the most convenient pharmaceutical services for patients.


Knowing what's passing in the outside world, so we can apply practices that will make us more effective.